INVO NeedleConsumables

INVO NEEDLE, a brand of cosmetic consumable UK based company with Korean technology.

Specialized in Hypodermic needles, filler cannula and dermapen cartridge.

Hypodermic Needles

Atraumatic needles with ultra-thin smooth walls and sharp tops that are designed to ensure painless injectable procedures. They are made of stainless steel, are sharpened using micron polishing. During the injection there is practically no resistance of tissues that makes the work of a cosmetologist easier.

  • 30G 4mm
  • 30G 6mm
  • 30G 13mm
  • 32G 4mm
  • 32G 6mm

Filler Cannula

Thin-walled new generation cannulas developed in order to reduce pain and dermal traumas during the injection of cosmetological products. It has an enlarged internal diameter, thin and smooth walls (micro-polishing technology), and a single aperture on the side.

  • 25G 50mm
  • 27G 50mm


  • 12 pins
  • 42 pins
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