DioclearMedical Device Containing Diosmectite

Dioclear is a unique, natural and effective treatment for diarrhoea. It contains diosmectite, a natural clay, recommended by healthcare professionals around the world and already used by millions.

With a pleasant orange flavour and natural effective formula, Dioclear is the perfect solution for the whole family, including babies from the age of 1, pregnant women and people suffering from Crohn’s disease and IBS.

What is Dioclear

Dioclear is a unique effective treatment for diarrhoea that works directly on the cause of the problem fast. It contains diosmectite, a natural silicate recommended by healthcare professionals around the world and clinically proven. Dioclear is suitable for the whole family from one.

How does it work

Dioclear has a unique triple action to help reduce the duration of the disorder fast and speed up recovery time. It naturally adsorbs diarrhoea causing substances such as toxins, bacteria, and virus (ex:rotavirus), preventing their adherence to the intestinal membranes. As it can adsorb eight times its own weight in water, it reduces liquids present in the intestinal lumen, increasing stool consistency and slowing expulsion. Finally it strengthens the mucosal barrier, and, in the absence of mucus, prevents its disruption.

Who can use Dioclear

Dioclear is the perfect solution for the whole family and has no systemic effect or no side effects. It can be used by babies from one year, pregnant and breast-feeding women. It can also be used in case of long term problems induced by chronic conditions or treatments such as Crohn’s disease, IBS or lower abdomen cancer treatments.

How should it be used

Adults: 1 sachet in 100ml of liquid 3 times per day.

Children > 6 years  2-3 sachets per day.
Children > 1 year  1-2 sachet per day.

Dissolve the contents in water or other liquid. For young children, the contents of the sachet can be suspended in the bottle feeder in 50ml of water or mixed with any other beverage and divided into 2-3 doses throughout the day. It is also possible to dissolve Dioclear in semisolid feedings. To obtain a homogeneous suspension, pour powder slowly into the liquid and mix well.

Clinically proven Dioclear

Dioclear contains diosmectite which has proven clinical effects and recommended by the World Health Organization.References:

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