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CEI3, rue Galilée 6
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains
Suisselle is a privately funded R&D and manufacturing company located in Y-Park, one of the central biotechnology hubs in the Canton Vaud in Switzerland. We specialize in research, development and commercialization of quality innovative medical device class III and combination pharmaceutical products.


CF Pharma Unit 73b, Hebron Road,
Hebron Industrial Estate, Kilkenny, R95 CRK2, Ireland
Cf Pharma is an ISO 13485 and HCCAP approved company based in Ireland that manufacture a range of novel specific Heath Food Supplements, Medical Device Formulations and Advanced Topical Dermatological Solutions for both the Human and Animal Healthcare.<br /> Our core values are driven by a desire to improve life and achieve scientific excellence.

Erbozeta S.p.A.

Strada delle Seriole, 41/43
Loc. Galavotto
Z.I. Gualdicciolo
47838 Chiesanuova (RSM
Erbozeta S.p.A. has been working for years in manufacturing and commercializing health products such as food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

Mesosystem MCCM

Rua Júlio Dinis, Nº228, 4050-318 Porto, Portugal
Calle Pau Claris, 97, 4º - 1ª, 08009 Barcelona, Spain
Mesosystem established itself quickly as a leader in the market industry of health, beauty and wellness. Providing effective cosmetics and high technology equipment.

Aphrodite Thread

SK Hub, Beakhyum-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
Leading Korean thread specialized company.

Medoffice Health Industry Inc

MTK Sitesi Bornova / İZMİR / TURKEY
MedOffice working based all scientific developments for provide more comfortable, convenient and safe times to patients.


63/66 Hatton Garden, Fifth Floor Suite 23,
London, EC1N 8LE
A leading company of medical consumable specially Hypodermic Meso needles, Filler cannula and mesotherapy cartridges.


20 hegazy st. from elgalaa elbahary st. in front MyWay company
Shebin al-Kom, Egypt
API Pharma for pharmaceutical and cosmoceutical industries

ForaCare Suisse AG

Neugasse 55
9000 St. Gallen
ForaCare Suisse AG is an established supplier of innovative and safe healthcare products. We distribute to the international healthcare market and have trusted bonds with varied clients. ForaCare is committed to improving the quality of life and focuses on continuous improvement and innovation by providing accurate and practical healthcare solutions for diabetes and hypertension care for home and professional use.

BE&BI Tech

Medical Device Complex Center,
Gangwon-do, S.Korea.
In the BE&BI Tech’s new CI, the outer circles represent planet Earth where the five major oceans and the six continents are organically connected as one, and the face in the middle represents people living together in harmony in the world.
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